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18Plus accommodation services

At Norman Galloway Homes, we believe in empowering young adults to smoothly transition into independent living. Our 18Plus Accommodation Services are designed to provide a supportive and nurturing environment, fostering the development of essential life skills and resilience.


Since our inception, Norman Galloway Homes has remained at the forefront of providing supportive housing services to young adults, specifically those aged 18 and above. We have a rich history of housing former unaccompanied asylum-seeking children (UASC) and young adults transitioning from care. Our unique journey with these young individuals, each with their distinctive backgrounds, challenges and aspirations, has enabled us to refine our services to meet their specific needs.



We believe in empowering these young adults, providing them with the necessary support and environment that allows them to transition smoothly into independent living. Our understanding of the complexities faced by these young adults – be it awaiting resolution of their cases by the Home Office, securing their right to remain, or finding suitable move-on accommodation – has shaped our 18Plus Accommodation Services. We offer a nurturing environment that fosters resilience and cultivates essential life skills for a successful transition into adulthood.

Adaptable services to meet diverse needs

We recognise the unique journey each individual takes towards independence. That’s why we offer flexible services to accommodate diverse needs, such as care leavers, those estranged from their parents, and individuals escaping situations like domestic violence. Our Exempt Accommodation service is uniquely structured to offer an extended stay, ensuring our residents have the time they need to gain stability, develop essential skills and secure their next steps.


Importantly, our service is accessible to individuals with recourse to public funds. By leveraging Exempt Accommodation rates through Housing Benefit, we can offer an extended period of stability for our residents. This housing benefit covers accommodation costs and support linked directly to sustaining the tenancy.

Support beyond housing

While Housing Benefit assists with sustaining tenancy, we understand that young adults require more comprehensive support. Health and wellbeing, employability training, and personalised support are all crucial for care leavers transitioning to independent living.


As such, we offer an extensive range of support services, including our jobs program and person-centred support. These services, however, are not funded through Housing Benefit, so we kindly urge Local Authorities to consider additional funding to ensure these vital programs are accessible to all young adults who need them.

How we support local authorities

We understand that many leaving care services, responsible for supporting care leavers up to the age of 25, are often stretched to their limits. Regular visits every 10 weeks can be a challenge and immediate response in a crisis may not always be possible. At Norman Galloway Homes, we are poised to fill in these gaps, offering Local Authorities the confidence that their care leavers are receiving consistent, tailored support.


We can step in to provide:


  1. Consistent Monitoring: Using BERRI, we track each resident’s progress and can provide detailed updates, ensuring that young adults in our care are continually supported in their growth and development.

  2. Immediate Response: With our highly trained staff on hand 24/7, we can promptly respond to any crisis situation, ensuring that young adults feel safe and supported at all times.

  3. Regular Engagement: Our regular engagement with residents, including weekly house meetings and co-design opportunities, ensures that young adults feel heard and involved in their journey towards independent living.

Advantages of BERRI

We utilise the innovative BERRI tool to monitor our residents’ progress in key areas of personal development. This online system allows us to gather insightful data on each individual’s journey, informing our decisions and enabling us to showcase measurable improvement in important areas such as Behaviour, Emotional wellbeing, Risk to self and others, Relationships, and Indicators of mental health.

What we offer local authorities

Local Authorities that choose to partner with Norman Galloway Homes can expect a multitude of benefits:


  1. Specialist Service Delivery: With our wealth of experience and deep understanding of young adult needs, we deliver services specifically designed to help them succeed.

  2. Transparent Progress Tracking: BERRI allows us to offer detailed, data-driven updates on each individual’s progress, giving you peace of mind about the positive outcomes we strive for.

  3. Effective Resource Allocation: Our targeted support approach ensures optimised resource use, maximising the impact of interventions.

  4. Comprehensive Support: In addition to accommodation sustainment support, we provide holistic support services, including employability training, community integration, and personalised co-design opportunities.

At Norman Galloway Homes, our commitment lies in creating positive change in young people’s lives. Our 18Plus Accommodation Services, strengthened by the innovative BERRI tool, are testament to this dedication. Contact us today to discover how we can assist in providing holistic care and support for young adults in your region.