Norman Galloway Homes CIC

We are currently operating as a Community Interest Company and are progressing our application to the regulator of social housing.

Norman Galloway Homes is led by Terry Galloway who grew up in care and lived in over 100 places. His experiences and that of his family including his late sister Hazel Galloway is what drives our ambition for change.

Young Care Leavers are more likely to be vulnerable because Terry thinks they are often looking for love, family and relationships, the things many have not had as children. It gives us confidence that we are right to focus on the transitional pathway of young people into housing and employment because the same thing that makes these people so vulnerable, makes them such fantastic employees.


We are providing supported accommodation for 18+ in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire and work closely with many Local Authorities. The organisation is led with lived experience and we know that the only way to really make a difference to young people is if we treat them as our own and always ask the question “Is this good enough for my child?”

We have various models of supported accommodation that we are currently running, but running right through the organisation is how we help our people become interdependent within the community that they live.

Housing and employment are closely linked, you can’t sustain employment without good quality affordable housing which is why we do both. Housing can only be sustainable for a young person if they have the life skills necessary.

This means that we help them integrate into the community through volunteering, traineeships, mentoring and now the Kick Start scheme. We are helping people develop relationships which we feel are the cornerstone to sustainable housing and employment.


Alongside our housing we work with many employers to help our people gain valuable work experience so that they can start to develop good meaningful relationships.

This is a really good thing that employers do, however there is an upside. The program that we are running gives the young person the concrete resources that they need to sustain their employment.

It also gives them the soft skills that they will need to do the job. Things like conflict resolution, critical thinking, effective communication, teamwork and collaboration.

They are the things that are often lacking in our young people.