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Norman Galloway Homes provide good quality supported accommodation

We are currently operating as a Community Interest Company and are progressing our application to the regulator of social housing.

Norman Galloway Homes is led by Terry Galloway who grew up in care and lived in over 100 places. His experiences and that of his family including his late sister Hazel Galloway is what drives our ambition for change.

Young Care Leavers are more likely to be vulnerable because Terry thinks they are often looking for love, family and relationships, the things many have not had as children. It gives us confidence that we are right to focus on the transitional pathway of young people into housing and employment because the same thing that makes these people so vulnerable, makes them such fantastic employees.

How do I secure a placement?

If you are 18+ and in need of supported accommodation, and are homeless or at risk of homelessness and in need of support to access and maintain your accommodation then you can self-refer to our service by completing the application form.

As part of the application we will need to speak with any agencies that are supporting you including your local Housing Options team or Social Services Department. It is always advisable to talk with them first because they may have a duty to give you advice and guidance under the Homeless Reduction Act 2017 or the Children and Social Care Act 2017

What happens after I’m offered a placement?

If we offer you a placement in one of our properties then we will work with you to create a support plan to help you get to your goals. All our properties have everything that you would need to live. Each property is fully furnished and your bedroom will be a good size with TV, bed, bedding, lamp, wardrobe, bedside cabinet, chest of drawers, towels.

Rather than list everything here, all you need to know is that you don’t need to worry if all you have is the clothes on your back. We will try to help you settle in worry free.

What happens when the placement actually starts?

You will move in and we will visit you and talk to you on the phone everyday until we know you are settled. We will then meet up and talk about your goals and ambitions and any support needs you may have. We will meet up or talk every week, some weeks more than others, but the main thing is that the support we provide is what you need.

What happens when the placement ends?

The aim of our supported accommodation is to help you to get to a stage that you can manage on your own. In general you will move on to other social housing or into the private rental sector, however our care leaver solo flats operate a completely different model so you should look that up.

What if I don’t meet our eligibility criteria?

If you need accommodation and are homeless or at risk of homelessness, then your local housing options team should be able to help you. If you are in this situation you can approach them and ask for advice and assistance.

Sometimes the Local Authority will provide relief from homelessness which in many cases means a hostel or B&B. And if you are vulnerable, pregnant or have children then they may determine that they owe you a duty to house you which means they will find you somewhere to live permanently.