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Care Leaver Drop-In Service

At Norman Galloway Homes, we’re dedicated to understanding and addressing the unique needs and experiences of care leavers. At the heart of our mission is our Care Leaver Drop-In Service, which provides a supportive space where care leavers can find help, advice, and a sense of community.

Conducted every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 1pm to 4pm at our head office, our Drop-In Service offers a range of supports.

We at Norman Galloway Homes believe in the power of good advice and the right guidance to transform lives. Our drop-in service is designed to offer just that. It’s a space where care leavers can seek guidance on a wide range of issues that concern them, and receive advice from trained professionals who are well-versed in the challenges that care leavers often face.

Advice & Guidance:

Our team is on hand to provide practical advice and emotional support on a range of topics, from employment and education to financial management and health and wellbeing.


Personal Development: We help you identify your strengths, areas for improvement, and guide you towards resources and opportunities that can aid your personal growth.


Education and Career Guidance: Whether you are seeking help with school, considering further education, or exploring employment opportunities, our team can guide you through your options and help you make informed decisions.


Financial Literacy: We can provide advice on budgeting, managing your expenses, understanding your financial rights and responsibilities, and navigating financial institutions and services.


Health and Well-being: We offer guidance on maintaining physical health, developing mental resilience, and accessing healthcare services. This includes advice on nutrition, exercise, mental health, and more.

Co-Design and production

We believe in the power of co-design and invite our residents to participate in the design of our services and programmes. This is a unique opportunity for care leavers to voice their needs, share their ideas, and directly influence how we operate. This work is remunerated, reflecting our commitment to value and reward the time and expertise of our residents.

Tenancy Management

We offer advice and guidance on all aspects of tenancy management, helping you understand your rights and responsibilities as a tenant. This includes the initial move-in process, understanding lease terms, and managing maintenance requests.


  1. Understanding Tenancy Agreements: We assist in breaking down the complex language often found in tenancy agreements to ensure our residents understand their rights and responsibilities.

  2. Rent and Utility Management: Guidance on how to manage and prioritise rent payments, utility bills and other related costs, in addition to helping to understand the consequences of falling behind.

  3. Repair Reporting: Training on how to report maintenance issues and understanding who is responsible for different types of repairs. Our multilingual online reporting system plays a key role here.

  4. Property Upkeep: Guidance on how to take care of a property, including cleaning, avoiding damage, and simple maintenance tasks.

  5. Moving Out: Information on notice periods, end of tenancy cleaning, deposit returns, and check-out processes.

  6. Legal Rights and Responsibilities: Education about legal aspects of a tenancy, such as the eviction process, dispute resolution, and privacy rights.

  7. Dealing with Landlords/Property Managers: Training on how to communicate effectively with landlords or property managers, what to expect from them, and how to assert your rights.

The goal of this is to empower our residents with the knowledge and tools needed to confidently manage their tenancies and, in doing so, pave the way for a successful independent life in the future.

Skills Development & Employability Support

In addition to developing essential life skills, such as cooking and budgeting, we provide employment guidance, including CV writing, job searching, and interview techniques. Through our jobs programme for residents 16 and 17 we also offer up to 20 hours per week of paid work experience.

Reporting Repairs & Maintenance

We provide training on how to use our easy-to-use, multilingual online system for reporting accommodation issues, preparing you for such responsibilities in future independent living.

Community Building

At Norman Galloway Homes, we believe that a supportive, engaging, and connected community can be a powerful tool for personal growth and recovery. Our Drop-In Service not only acts as a support hub but also as a platform for care leavers to connect with each other and the wider community.


In our community building efforts, we host a variety of social events, group activities, and workshops that encourage interaction, mutual understanding, and friendship. These events range from shared meals and movie nights to sports activities and group outings, all designed to foster a sense of belonging and camaraderie.


But our community building efforts go beyond socialization. We also provide opportunities for our residents to become active, contributing members of their local community. We facilitate involvement in local volunteer programs, community projects, and neighborhood events, allowing our residents to contribute their unique talents and skills, and feel a deeper sense of connection and purpose.


This sense of belonging, mutual support, and shared experience can be instrumental in building self-confidence, resilience, and a positive outlook on the future.

Crisis and Advocacy Services

At Norman Galloway Homes, we understand that emergencies can arise at any time. That’s why we offer a range of emergency support services tailored to both our residents and the broader community of care leavers.


For our residents, we provide 24/7 emergency support to address urgent situations, ensuring your safety and well-being. In situations where our residents, perhaps victims of a crime, need to interact with services such as the police, our staff are trained as appropriate adults. They can provide advice, facilitate clear communication, and ensure your rights are upheld.


Additionally, we can assist you as advocates in expressing your needs and rights in various scenarios. This could involve aiding you in interactions with public services or ensuring your voice is heard in matters directly affecting your life.


For care leavers in the broader community, who may not be residents with us but still need support, we can guide you in landlord-tenant interactions post 18.


For those under 18, we facilitate connections with independent visitor services. Independent visitors are volunteers who befriend and support children in care, providing them with an additional source of advice and companionship.


Regardless of whether you are a resident or not, our team is dedicated to ensuring that you are treated with respect, your voice is heard, and your rights are acknowledged and preserved. We’re here for you, ready to step in when you need us the most.