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This is a 3 bedroom cluster property

This is our standard for each bedroom

1 Bedroom Flat

Norman Galloway Homes provide shared / Cluster supported accommodation

We provide cluster supported accommodation and jobs for care leavers 16+ and work with various local authorities. The photos above are some of the rooms in our properties.

We aim to create a bespoke program taking account of the whole transition so that our young people don’t age out of the system.

What type of properties do you have?

We have and continue to create capacity with various types of properties so that we can create a bespoke package of accommodation and support.

This ranges from 1 bedroom flats and  2 bedroom, 3 bedroom, 4 bedroom, 5 bedroom and 6 bedroom  houses.

What support do you offer?

We tailor support to the needs of the individual. However the total focus is in helping our young people build relationships in the community.

For those that are not in education and who have the right to work we include a potential job placement with one of our partners where they can do upto 25 hours per week paid work.

On top of that we provide between 5-10 hours support which includes all the things to enable the young person to become interdependent.


What is the jobs program?

We know from experience that young people leaving the care system have so much potential and so much to offer employers. We have been building a world class jobs program which prepares our care leavers for the world of work.


Our evidence is that when care leavers are matched with the right employers and given the right concrete resources such as housing, health and welbeing, childcare, travel, clothes and ID along with the soft skills such as critical thinking, conflict resolution, appropriate communication, cooking, cleaning and an ability to form relationships then care leavers thrive.


We want to prove to the business world that our kids are worth taking a chance on, that they will do better than their peers and be better employees.