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Mentoring Circles?

Terry has been working with the DWP to deliver virtual Kickstart Mentoring Circles where he was talking about the benefits and opportunities he foresees the scheme offering young people. We will be publishing here when we are next organising a Mentoring Circle.

As well as helping participants see what they themselves have to offer employers, Terry also provided useful insights into what employers would like to see in the young people applying for these placements; useful information which helped with applications as well as getting a better idea of how to settle into and make the most of the Kickstart vacancies they secure.

How to get involved?

All Kickstart placements initially go through the Work Coaches at Job Centre Plus. They are really helpful and work very closely with all people on Universal Credit. They will be the ones that talk through the scheme with the young people that will qualify for the scheme. If you are a young person that wants to take part in the Kickstart Scheme then you will need to speak with your Work Coach. Why not leave a message on your journal for them to get in touch with you now? To learn more about what a work coach does watch this video.

Kickstart placements at Norman Galloway Homes?

Terry Galloway, CEO of Norman Galloway Homes, will be offering Kickstart vacancies within his own businesss and will also be acting as a ‘Kickstart Gateway’ to other employers in Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and the surrounding area.

Terry is putting a lot of time and effort into making sure that the young people who placed within his own business as well as those with the employers he is working with, will gain comprehensive and consistent support throughout their Kickstart placement, helping to put them in a much stronger position for securing long term employment in the future.

Previous Mentoring Circles?

Terry has delivered several mentoring circles before with the DWP and has had some very positive feedback; one participant’s support worker feeling sufficiently inspired to contact Terry to discuss future collaboration and to say “Thank you for taking the time to talk to me this morning in relation to Tom (name changed); I don’t know what you have done during the sessions but you have certainly made an impression on him. Having seen you speak publicly myself, I have an understanding why he is suitably impressed.”

How to take part in the Mentoring Circles.

The mentoring circle will be virtual event will be run through Microsoft Teams – all participants will need to do is download the Teams App and they will be sent a link to join the mentoring circle in the days leading up to the event.

Whilst interaction will be encouraged, participants will not need to register any information other than their first name as they join the event, and will not even need to switch on their cameras if they do not feel confident in doing so.

Book your place on the Mentoring Circles?

You should talk to your work coach about taking part. They will register you on the event and send you the link. However if you can’t get in touch and want to register direct with us then complete the Mentoring Circles registration form.