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Care Leaver Pilot Flat

The pilot aims to test a transitional pathway for care leavers and is for those going through the transition that is not quite ready to live on their own without any support. They must must be motivated to work and become interdependent within their community.

During the first part of the pilot the young person will live in a supported accommodation flat and will receive support from Norman Galloway Homes.

When the support is no longer needed and the young person gets a tenancy in the flat, they will be more secure. In traditional supported accommodation the person is required to move on.


The Care Leaver Pilot Flats are open to care leavers that want to work but have barriers they must overcome first. They may not be ready to live independantly or to sustain work. As part of this pilot we will be providing support and a link into employment to the young person. The overall aim of this pilot is to help the young person sustain their housing and get into work so that they can pay their own bills and live a meaningful life.

Stage 1 – Relationships?

We are recruiting local employers as sponsors for our care leavers on this pilot. We aim to give care leavers meaningful work experience and mentoring as part of the support package we will be providing. The aim, is to help build confidence and relationships.

Once our care leaver is ready, we will help them move to stage 2 by matching them with a full-time job or apprenticeship leading to a full-time job

Stage 2 – Moving on up

You will move in and we will visit you and talk to you on the phone everyday until we know you are settled. We will then meet up and talk about your goals and ambitions and any support needs you may have. We will meet up or talk every week, some weeks more than others, but the main thing is that the support we provide is what you need.

What happens when the placement ends?

The aim of our supported accommodation is to help you to get to a stage that you can manage on your own. In general you will move on to other social housing or into the private rental sector, however our care leaver solo flats operate a completely different model so you should look that up.

What if I don’t meet our eligibility criteria?

If you need accommodation and are homeless or at risk of homelessness, then your local housing options team should be able to help you. If you are in this situation you can approach them and ask for advice and assistance.

Sometimes the Local Authority will provide relief from homelessness which in many cases means a hostel or B&B. And if you are vulnerable, pregnant or have children then they may determine that they owe you a duty to house you which means they will find you somewhere to live permanently.