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We created the first joint Care Leaver offer in Nottinghamshire involving 8 councils. As we wrote the offer, over 400 people took part. We had so many meetings, conferences, working groups and presentations involving every department in every council.

The main purpose of the work was to embed within the culture of the councils the need to think differently about Care Leavers. I genuinely believe that we have achieved that across the Nottinghamshire Councils.

The coach convoy took place on 28th September 2019 and was an opportunity to test the community cohesion, empathy and awareness within the councils and in the community of the need to think differently.  My hope was that we would come together to create an experience similar to what I experienced when I was in care.

Here is a video that I sent out to try and inspire people in the community and the councils.

I already had experience of organising a convoy?

The video above is from 2012 when we organised a convoy for 350 children in care and care leavers with the Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire Councils but this convoy was different.

We had only recently started a new company and did not have a huge workforce or resources to draw on so we really did need the community to come together if we were to pull it off.

I worked with the Charity Merlins Magic Wand, they were so good. We went for it and we announced the date. I wanted to use the event as an opportunity to let our children know that we care and was convinced we could raise the money and draw on our network to get volunteers to take everyone to Alton Towers again. So I went on tour.